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Yes, The World is Full of Generous People!

Today’s blog is a little short, but very heartfelt.

The eBook release of my novel Discovering Power is just two weeks away. It’s been quite a journey preparing for this book launch, and it reminded me again of how important it is to have a great support network full of generous friends and colleagues.

If this book launch has shown me nothing else, it’s shown me just how many wonderful, talented, and generous people have become part of my life in the last few years.

I’m extremely grateful and blessed. Because they have really come through when I needed them.

I have been invited onto podcasts, audio shows, video podcasts, and live speaking events. I have received referrals, recommendations, and social media support. I’ve had people who generously read my book in PDF format and wrote lovely reviews—some of whom I didn’t even know!

Writing is often thought of as a solitary activity, and, in some ways, it is. But writing is only a part of what it takes to bring a book into the world. The rest of it requires the proverbial village.

I have a daily gratitude practice, and I want to assure everyone who has supported my journey in the last few weeks and months has been on that list at least once, if not many times.

We often get cynical and think that people are “only out for themselves” or they “only want to know what’s in it for them”. But my experience has shown me that’s absolutely NOT TRUE. At heart, most people are generous and kind and helpful. Don’t let the media or anyone else tell you otherwise.

For me, gratitude is the cornerstone of generosity. When we are truly grateful for what we have in our lives, it’s easy to be generous. And it’s easy to receive generosity. Because gratitude cultivates an attitude of abundance, and abundance generates gratitude and generosity. It’s a lovely circle that spirals upward with no end and no limit.

So, be grateful today, my friends. I am! Because the world is full of generous people, and I’m blessed to have a support system full of them. I hope you do too!

And … if you ever need a little generosity. Let me know!


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