the revolution of corporate women
saying ‘yes’ to a life fully lived


There is a critical juncture for

Many successful women in leadership and business find themselves standing at the crossroads of accomplishment and fulfilment, sensing that something crucial is missing from their lives.

They’ve achieved remarkable professional success, yet their personal lives, well-being, and true purpose often remain neglected.

It’s a silent battle, a tug-of-war between external achievement and internal disquiet. These women have dedicated their lives to excel in their careers, but the cost often manifests in unhappiness, boredom or an inner knowing that they have overlooked the real contribution that will imbue their lives with deeper meaning.

Enter Karen Ann Bulluck, the seasoned corporate leader, coach, and visionary ready to guide you on your journey of self-discovery, personal transformation, and the pursuit of holistic success.

Karen knows the weight of your inner turmoil, as she’s carried it herself. She recognizes the sacrifices, the inner conflict, and the yearning for something more. She’s the mentor who’s been there and is perfectly placed to inspire your own transformational quest.

At Daring to Transcend™, Karen doesn’t just lead from the front; she walks beside you, sharing her journey, and empowering you to take risks, innovate, and become a transcendent leader yourself.

Join Karen and the Daring to Transcend™ community to uncover your true potential. It’s time to embrace authenticity, rekindle your sense of purpose, and flourish in all dimensions of your life.

Are you ready to break free from the limitations of conventional success and embark on a journey towards self-discovery, personal fulfilment, and holistic success? Let Karen be your guide. Your transformation begins now.





Daring to Transcend™ means fully opening your heart to what really matters. Successful career women have often suppressed their true desires on the path to achieving their accomplishments. This is a time of Honesty. Truth. Alignment


Daring to Transcend™ means becoming genuinely whole. Successful career women often forfeit their health, relationships, friendships and dreams on the way to their achievements. This is a time of holistic Happiness. Joy. Completeness.


Daring to Transcend™ means becoming truly luxurious in all areas of your life. Successful career women often lose the richness of purpose, impact and growth on the way to corporate prosperity. This is a time of Richness. Power. Abundance.


As a successful career woman, it is time to say ‘no’ to mainstream expectations and ‘yes’ to a life fully lived. You can have wealth, accoutrements, love, health, happiness and impact. It’s all yours for the taking. You simply choose freedom. Bravery. YOU.


As a successful career woman, it is time to say ‘no’ to mainstream expectations and ‘yes’ to a life fully lived. You can have wealth, accoutrements, love, health, happiness and impact. It’s all yours for the taking. You simply choose freedom. Bravery. YOU.

ABOUT Karen ann bulluck


The Founder of DARING TO TRANSCEND™. I guide women leaders through a proprietary process to EXPLORE what matters, INTEGRATE the whole self, and FLOURISH in all dimensions. I created the Daring to Transcend™ Methodology, which encompasses what I learned from three decades of executive and leadership positions both in corporations and non-profits.

I have a Master of Science in Organization Leadership with honors from Regis University, my undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, and a professional coach certification from iPEC. I am currently working toward a certification in Positive Intelligence coaching and have completed extensive coursework toward an Interfaith Master of Divinity, along with decades of personal study of the world’s wisdom traditions.
I was the first woman promoted to Executive Vice President at AM Best Company, the premier international insurance rating agency and information provider. I was on the board of directors for a European subsidiary and the parent company. My career was marked by taking the risks to make many cross-disciplinary changes, having an impact throughout the organization. My specialty was bringing innovation and change to struggling departments: upgrading technology, redefining processes, and aligning staff with the best jobs for them. My career culminated with responsibility for the Information Services Division of AM Best.
Challenging deeply held assumptions or habitual ways of behaving, including my own. I know that these are the moments when the possibility of transcendence becomes real. I am passionate about transcendent leadership and love the integration of the three aspects of human consciousness: emotional, mental, and unconscious. I believe that the most effective leaders transcend the limits of human awareness.
My latest novel, Pursuing Truth: Book 2 of the Ascending Ladders Series, instantly become an international best-seller as the heroine, a female executive, finds herself embroiled in intrigue and controversy in both her professional and persona life. Although Pursuing Truth is a standalone novel, Sheryl Simmons’ journey begins in the bestselling first book of the series, Discovering Power, where her integrity as a leader is called into question by the rapidly changing culture of her company.  I am also a contributing author to the international bestselling books: Ennobling Business for Success: Inspire*Ignite*Influence, Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most, and The X-Factor: The Spiritual Secrets Behind Successful Executives & Entrepreneurs. Check out my Resources page for more details.

I live in New Jersey with my husband and two very spoiled cats. In my free time, I love to read, listen to music, and enjoy a great meal with friends. My husband and I like to ski, hike, and enjoy great food together. We also love to travel and experience the transcendence of nature and other cultures.

I used to be an aerobatic pilot. Yes, that means I turned airplanes upside down! I have a private pilot’s license with an instrument rating, as high-performance engine and taildragger certifications.
I also have an advanced PADI scuba diving certification, am a downhill skier, and love to hike. I play the piano (badly but for my own enjoyment) and enjoy bicycling on beautiful roads and trails.


Join me in Daring to Transcend, where we believe that every woman has the power to rewrite her own success story, breaking free from the ordinary and embracing her true potential. Start with an exploratory call to examine your own potential to turn your deeply held desires into a vibrant reality. Finally, revealing YOU.
“Karen empowers the people she works with to reach their fullest potential, aligning them with the appropriate roles, highlighting their strengths and providing the feedback and tools to improve their weaknesses. I continue to value the influence and impact Karen had on my career as well as my personal life.”

-Susan Hart, Vice President

Consulting &

Karen works with successful corporate leaders to give them the tools to push beyond their limits in their leadership, career and lives by boldly seeking to grow their vision of possibility and embrace risk, bringing that vision to life. She is the go-to advisor to truly remarkable women who have sacrificed too much of themselves on the way to “success”, guiding them to wholeness and true abundance in every facet of their lives.

Speaking &

A highly sought-after speaker, Karen is called on to inspire successful women, business owners and corporate leaders about risk and innovation, attraction and retention of extraordinary women, and transcendent leadership. When Karen steps on stage, she not only shares a deeply personal message about her corporate journey to success, she also inspires the audience with her sparkling energy, wisdom, strength, and intelligence.


Karen’s new YouTube show and podcast, launching in Q4 2023, “Daring to Transcend™”, is leading the frontlines of discussion about the hidden dreams of successful women 40+ and what it really takes to bring those dreams to life in conversation with some of the most creative, entertaining and accomplished women in the world. Currently booking guests and taking suggestions for topics that successful women want to truly reflect upon and be inspired by.


Karen is an international best-selling author several times over as a novelist and contributor to important non-fiction anthologies. Her novels, Discovering Power and Pursuing Truth (Books 1 and 2 of the Ascending Ladders Series) follow a female corporate executive as she explores the complexity of a successful woman’s life and career. She also contributed chapters in Ennobling Business for Success: Inspire*Ignite*Influence, Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most; and The X-Factor: The Spiritual Secrets Behind Successful Executives & Entrepreneurs.

“Karen is a pioneer in the transcendence space, she does not sell widgets, she does deep important work, evolving the consciousness of those who lead to make the planet a better place for mankind. She is unrelenting in her ability to take herself on in order to honour her vocation of sending the elevator back down for others! If you know you are being called to live a life of greater meaning Karen comes with my highest recommendation.”

-Sally Anderson, Advisor to World Leaders