About Karen

Karen Ann Bulluck

I am a . . .

risk-taking specialist and founder of DARING TO TRANSCEND™. I guide women leaders through a proprietary process to EXPLORE what matters, INTEGRATE the whole self, and FLOURISH in new dimensions. I created the Daring to Transcend Methodology, which encompasses what I learned from three decades of executive and leadership positions both in corporations and non-profits.

My Education

I have a Master of Science in Organization Leadership with honors from Regis University, my undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, and a professional coach certification from iPEC. I am currently working toward a certification in Positive Intelligence coaching and have completed extensive coursework toward an Interfaith Master of Divinity, along with decades of personal study of the world’s wisdom traditions.

My Career

I was the first woman promoted to Executive Vice President at AM Best Company, the premier international insurance rating agency and information provider. I was on the board of directors for a European subsidiary and the parent company. My career was marked by taking the risks to make many cross-disciplinary changes, having an impact throughout the organization.

My specialty was bringing innovation and change to struggling departments: upgrading technology, redefining processes, and aligning staff with the best jobs for them. My career culminated with responsibility for the Information Services Division of AM Best.

I Thrive On . . .

challenging deeply held assumptions or habitual ways of behaving, including my own. I know that these are the moments when the possibility of transcendence becomes real.

I am passionate about transcendent leadership and love the integration of the three aspects of human consciousness: emotional, mental, and unconscious. I believe that the most effective leaders transcend the limits of human awareness.

My Books

I will be releasing a new novel, called Discovering Power, in May 2023. It follows a female executive through a transformational change in corporate leadership. I am also a contributing author to the international bestselling books: Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most. The X-Factor: The Spiritual Secrets Behind Successful Executives & Entrepreneurs, and Ennobling Business for Success: Inspire-Ignite-Influence. Check out my Author page for more details.

On a personal note . . .

I live in New Jersey with my husband and two very spoiled cats. In my free time, I love to read, listen to music, and enjoy a great meal with friends. My husband and I like to ski, hike, and enjoy great food together. We also love to travel and experience the transcendence of nature and other cultures.

My more adventurous hobbies – past & present . . .

I used to be an aerobatic pilot. Yes, that means I turned airplanes upside down! I have a private pilot’s license with an instrument rating, as high-performance engine and taildragger certifications.

I also have an advanced PADI scuba diving certification, am a downhill skier, and love to hike. I play the piano (badly but for my own enjoyment) and enjoy bicycling on beautiful roads and trails.



Living a Big Life is

Worth the Risk

I am passionate about making the impact and contribution that I am here to make. and helping other women do the same. I want everyone – including myself – to use all our skills and talents to make organizations and the world better places.

I believe that the most effective leaders transcend the limits of human awareness.