When You Hit a Roadblock, Do You See An Obstacle or An Opportunity?

Businessman is standing in front of the closed door and scratching his head. Is the closed door obstacle or opportunity?

When You Hit a Roadblock, Do You See An Obstacle or An Opportunity?

Obstacle or opportunity? We have the choice of how we view difficult situations in our lives.

Yet, we’re trained from a young age to only see obstacles. Yes, we’re taught to overcome them. But how often do we truly view them as opportunities?

I got a call from a former client this morning. A while ago, she had taken a big risk to change jobs and go to a company where she felt she would be more appreciated and have more opportunities.

She did. For a while.

But recently, she found herself in a similar situation in the new job. Not being appreciated. Not being valued or listened to.

So, she is facing another obstacle in her life. Should she leave yet another well-paying corporate job? And for what?

During our conversation, she reminded me of a line from my favorite movie. “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” (Bonus points to anyone who can name the movie!)

But how often do we see that closed door (that roadblock), and that’s all we see? We stare at it. We pound on it. We try to pick the lock. We even try to break it down.

We decide we can live with the closed door. So, we set up a campsite outside it. Waiting for it to open.

We forget to even look for another way out.

But there’s always another way out.

Sometimes, it’s not immediately obvious. We have to search for it, usually deep inside ourselves first.

Like my client. She knows that she has another passion, something else she wants to be doing. She’s just been afraid to take the plunge and do it full-time.

It’s safer to have the well-paying corporate job. Even if you’re not appreciated or valued as much as you should be. Right?

Well, maybe not.

The truth is that sometimes that door closing is God or the universe or fate (however you name it) pushing you in a different direction. Sometimes, the universe wants you to look for that window, to choose a different path.

So, the door gets closed. You will find the window.

And then, you have to be brave enough to climb through it.

You have to take the risk to try something different, rather than set up camp outside that closed door and wait.

My client knew to look for the window. In fact, she’s found it. It’s been there all along. But it’s taken the closing door for her to embrace it.

What doors are closed or closing in your life that you are still staring at? What roadblock do you see as an obstacle rather than an opportunity?

I challenge you to take another look around. Do you see a window or two? Are there bigger and better opportunities on the other side of those windows?

We all run into roadblocks, but we get to choose how we view them. To quote Shirzad Chamine, “every situation is a gift or opportunity.” If you let it be.

Obstacle or opportunity? Take your pick. Personally, I’m choosing to see opportunity.

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