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The Importance Instinct: How I Intuitively Knew What Truly Mattered

Yesterday was quite an exciting and busy day. After all, it’s not every day that you launch a new book! I had so much support, and so many things to pay attention to. What was most important?

My team, understandably so, was focused on the numbers and the rankings. I get that. It’s important for the longer-term visibility of the book. Some people, I’ve been told, won’t buy a book unless it’s a bestseller!

But when the end of the day came, and all the numbers were in—including bestseller status in a number of categories in the US—it was something else that brought tears to my eyes.

And that’s how I knew what was truly important.

We often have a deep, instinctual sense when something is truly important. Whether it’s tears in our eyes, a chill running down our spine, or goose bumps spreading across our skin, we know. We have a physical response. Sometimes, it’s just that deep sense of rightness that slides right down into our gut. Our bodies feel settled, grounded, and purposeful.

That’s what I felt when I got this LinkedIn message:

“Karen, I started your book and couldn’t put it down… just finished it! After each of the first few chapters, I had to talk myself out of quitting my own corporate job… it felt too close to home! I can’t wait for the next book – thank you!!!”

Yes! That’s what I wanted. Knowing someone felt that connected to the book, to the characters, to the story. Someone whose heart was touched.

At the end of the day, while bestseller status and accolades are wonderful, I wrote the books because I want to make an impact, a difference in people’s lives. I want to inspire, teach, and uplift. With that message, I knew I had accomplished my real goal. At least with her.

While I was excited to learn that my book reached bestseller status, that message slid right down and settled in the depths of me, bringing a deep sense of satisfaction. That’s when I knew what was really important about the day.

When I got a text message moments later with someone telling me that someone they knew bought the book because he was an executive at a company that had just experienced layoffs… well, that sent chills down my spine.

It’s the impact!

Making an impact is why I have my business. Making an impact is why I take risks, like writing and publishing books, like giving speeches.

Because not only do I want to make an impact, I want you to also! The world needs all of us. And if I can support that, sign me up!

Thank you for your support if you bought my book yesterday. I hope it makes an impact on you – or that someone else buys the book because of the “status” and it makes an impact on them!

And I’d love to hear how YOU know when something is really important.

PS – If you didn’t get a chance to grab it yesterday, I’ve extended the special price of $1.99 for another day so that it can—you got it—make more of an impact!

Here’s a link to a not-very-pretty page that has all the country links on it, because it helps to purchase the eBook in your country/region if you are outside the US, please!

And if you want to share a link with someone else, please send them to where they can get more information about the book and find the link to purchase it!


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