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Divine Turbulence (A Story of Transcendence)

I’m excited to share the news of a book release that has the power to change lives!

Today is the release date of a powerful book that I had the privilege of reading and reviewing before publication. I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough.

It’s called Divine Turbulence: Navigating the Amorphous Winds of Change.

Here are my thoughts at the time I finished reading it:

Divine Turbulence is a profoundly moving story that demonstrates the power of faith, perseverance, resilience, and – above all – love. With touching humility and huge vulnerability, Gary Lee Price shares his journey from trauma to triumph with all the ups and downs along the way that shape who we are. The emotional depth is stunning, bringing me to tears any number of times. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. In this time of world turbulence, Gary’s message of love and faith and responsibility is one that we all need more than ever. Divine Turbulence shows us how we can ride the waves and be lifted higher than we ever imagined.

My friend and mentor M. Bridget Cook-Burch co-authored this book, adding her magic in bringing out the best of Gary’s story.

Divine Turbulence is an example of someone achieving TRANSCENDENCE in so many ways.

The book is on sale on Amazon today for $1.99. I encourage you to get it and read it. It’s shocking in places, so be warned, but it’s well worth the horror and sadness that the first of his journey invokes to see the triumph at the end.

I’ll keep my comments short today, so that you have extra time to read his. 


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