I’ve Escaped

I’m writing to you today from Idaho. I’m on a retreat. Yes, a retreat, an escape from my real life. It feels strange and wondrous.

Yesterday, I packed my suitcase and prepared to board an airplane for the first time since COVID. That in itself was a bit of a shock to the system. Wow, an airport, an airplane, going to someplace new. Haven’t done that for a while. Have you?

I’m here in southern Idaho now, having driven here through the mountains this morning from Salt Lake City. It’s a beautiful area. We’re overlooking Bear Lake, a turquoise swath of water stretching along the horizon to the east. The water looks more like I’d expect to see in the Caribbean rather than in Idaho mountains, a light shimmering blue. I can almost see the sandy bottom.

There are mountains on the far side of the lake, sadly obscured by a brownish haze, remnants of the California wildfires making their way east, I assume. The grass here is brown. The far-flung trees are showing the first hints of fall colors. It’s a far cry from the lush greenery of New Jersey that I just left.

It’s an expansive, freeing, open landscape. I can see for miles from the hilltop on which we are perched.

The new space speaks to me in different ways, challenging me to think of new things, to feel more deeply.

I’m at a writers’ retreat. I’m hoping to expand my skills, learn new techniques, and open my mind to think about my writing differently.

My boss used to tell me that the minute you think you know everything about management and leadership was the minute you would start to fail. He’s right, and that’s true about almost everything.

No matter how proficient we are at anything, there’s always room to learn and grow.

It’s so easy to get stagnant in our lives, to do the same things over and over. But that’s not really living.

When is the last time you went someplace new? Alone? To meet new people, have new experiences, and expand your horizons?

I’m loving the challenge. It’s not always comfortable, but it is rewarding.

I’m off to do my homework now. I hope that you will benefit from what I learn this weekend too!

Where’s your next retreat? When’s your next class? What’s the next opportunity to challenge yourself and learn more?

Soon, I hope!

With light and love,

PS – In case you were worried, my darling husband is home taking care of the cats. They’re in good hands.


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