The Genius Model Graphic

The Pillars



You will learn to deeply TRUST yourself and the Unknown, consistently nourishing yourself through connection to the creative force in the universe.



Learn how to gain clarity on what’s really important to you, what brings you joy and meaning, and how to live true to your values.



Deepen your awareness of the limiting beliefs and cultural conditioning that keep you from leading an empowered life, replacing them with life-affirming beliefs that nurture your Daring and Drive.

The Foundations



Learn how to move from things being HARD, STRESSFUL, and OVERWHELMING, to a state of EASE, JOY, and FREEDOM.



Deepen your understanding of and connection to your purpose and passions. Living your True North honors your reason for being.

State of Being

State of Being

Learn how to master your STATE of BEING, which is reliant on your TRUST and your AWARENESS. You will raise your consciousness to a level that facilitates your ability to Transcend.

The Outcomes


Learn how to live in full alignment to reach your highest potential in this life. Maybe it's time to master and harness that potential for the highest good of yourself and others.


Learn how to sustain motivation in your life personally and professionally, such that you maintain the momentum needed to achieve your goals.


Learn how to communicate more effectively, and learn the art of BEING leadership versus DOING leadership.


Learn the most successful strategy to lead at an optimum level: transforming your relationship with your spoken word. When you work in alignment with your values, you realize a life-defining level of integrity.


Learn what has, to date, prevented you from achieving the results you desire - personally and professionally - Armed with this knowledge, you will be empowered to exceed your own expectations.

WEll Being

Learn how to achieve peak performance in all areas of your life by honoring your whole self and expanding in new dimensions.


Learn how to influence and inspire others to new levels. When you take action, Providence responds, thereby expanding your ability to contribute to the world at a higher level.


Learn how to live a life of great satisfaction and fulfillment, which is a priceless gift. When one undergoes their own “Hero’s Journey”, Transcendence is guaranteed.


Learn how to experience the freedom to be heard, freedom to be seen, and freedom to be understood in a way that previously has been elusive. This newfound freedom will elevate your results exponentially.


You Were Born to Live a Life of Meaning

We all want to feel fulfilled and satisfied in our lives, to feel that we are making a difference. But sometimes, it seems that all our responsibilities and obligations get in the way.

I’m here to assure you that they don’t have to. You can live a life of greater meaning and influence. I’d love to partner with you to make that happen!