Your Purpose Doesn’t Have to Be A Grand Quest

Exploring how your purpose can be just inspiring one person to make a change and create a ripple effect.

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Your Purpose Doesn’t Have to Be A Grand Quest

Last Thursday was an emotional day for me. As you know, I released my second novel, Book 2 in the Ascending Ladders Series: Pursuing Truth.

Wow. I felt like I had been waiting forever for that book to be published, but the wait was worth it. Thanks to you – and so many others – Pursuing Truth made bestseller status in four countries: the US, Australia, Germany, and Canada.

I’m very grateful and appreciative of all the support I received. It’s so wonderful to know that I have so many people supporting me on this journey.

But to be honest, there was something that happened before the book launch that made me more grateful, that felt even better.

I was speaking to someone who read my first book: Discovering Power. She told me how much she loved it, but then she said this:

“Even though I don’t work in corporate, I was inspired to make changes in my life because of the things that Sheryl did in the book.”

Wow! What?

She went on to say that she had started incorporating Sheryl’s practice of taking a few minutes to do some meditation or centering before heading into important meetings or situations, and it was really helping!

That made my day, my week, and maybe even my month!

Because that’s why I do what I do. To make an impact. To make a difference in other’s lives, even if it’s only in a small way.

When we talk about our “Purpose”, we often think it has to be some grand quest that will significantly change the world.

It doesn’t.

Because sometimes, it’s the small changes that we inspire others to make, the little adjustments in direction, that have a bigger impact than we’ll ever know or see.

It’s called the ripple effect. All you have to do is throw one small stone into that pond. Whatever that stone is for you.

That’s your purpose. To throw that one stone. Today. And again tomorrow. To do something that you can uniquely do to uplift, encourage, support, inspire, or educate someone else.

And the really cool thing is that you could throw one stone today and a different one tomorrow. Your “purpose” can change, grow, evolve, or get thrown in a different direction.

It doesn’t have to be “the perfect stone”. It just has to be one that’s uniquely yours to throw today.

So, for today (and tomorrow), don’t worry about your grand quest, your “reason for existence”, or your grand purpose. Just take what you do best, and use it to help, inspire, or support someone else.

Throw the stone (or pebble).

Start the ripple.

You may never know where or when the ripple becomes a wave, but that’s okay. You’ll be too busy throwing your next stone!

I’m happily picking up my next stone to throw… which today happens to be this blog. Are you throwing yours?

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